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Towards a Hybrid Assessment Model For Music Conservatory Entrance Exams

Title Towards a Hybrid Assessment Model For Music Conservatory Entrance Exams
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2018
Conference Name 2nd Int. Conf. on Education and Learning
Authors Baysal, O. , Bozkurt B. , Sağer T. , & Doğrusöz N.
Conference Start Date 27/03/2018
Conference Location Istanbul
Abstract This paper discusses the necessity for employing Music Information Retrieval (MIR) Technologies in Music Conservatory Entrance Examinations. In Turkey, acceptance to a music conservatory is determined through a musical aptitude examination that is usually conducted by a jury committee. While the contents of this exam has become a standard –including mostly questions on pitch recognition and melody/rhythm repetition -, factors such as the amount of time and energy devoted to the exam, differences of assessment criteria between jury members and the usage of limited set of manually constructed question packages (to avoid any leaking of the exam outside) present some shortcomings for a standardized evaluation of applicants. Although there has been a good deal of research made regarding this issue, these researches investigate solely the reliability scores of jury committees, while not making a sound analysis of the applicant performance recordings and comparing them with the jury scores. Our talk will present the findings of such a research project that compares jury scores with performance recordings. At the end we would be proposing a hybrid assessment model, MAST (Musical Aptitude Standard Test), which we believe would significantly contribute to the quality of measurement and evaluation while consuming less resources in music conservatory entrance exams.