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Event_Date Acronym Workshop Title Location Submission (remaining)sort icon URL Attended?
2010 Jun 21 FSDM 10 Workshop on Feature Selection in Data Mining Hyderabad, India expired URL No
2010 Aug 18 CIG-2010 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games Copenhaguen, Denmark expired URL No
2010 Aug 26 ISMA-2010 International Symposium on Music Acoustics Sydney expired URL No
2010 Jan 20 AdMIRE 2010 AdMIRe: International Workshop on Advances in Music Information Research 2010 Singapore, Singapore expired URL No
2010 May 13 AISTATS-2010 13th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics Chia Laguna, Sardinia, Italy expired URL No
2010 Sep 18 ACM DIS-2010 The ACM Designing Interactive Systems Conference Aarhus, Denmark expired URL No
2009 Oct 20 EUSIPCO 2010 2010 European Signal Processing Conference Aalborg, DK expired URL No
2010 Jul 18 WCCI-2010 2010 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence Barcelona, Spain expired URL No
2010 Jun 7 NIME New Interfaces for Musical Expression Syndey, Australia expired URL No
2010 Jun 9 EuroITV2010 8th European Conference on Interactive TV and Video Tampere, Finland expired URL No
2009 Jun 17 AES Audio Forensics AES 39th International Conference on Audio Forensics Hillerød, Denmark. expired URL No
2010 Jun 21 CMMR-2010 7th International Symposium on Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval Málaga, Spain expired URL No
2010 Jun 14 CIP-2010 2nd International Workshop on Cognitive Information Processing Elba Island, Italy expired URL No
2010 Jun 23 CBMI-2010 International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing Grenoble, France expired URL No
2010 Jun 1 ICMC 2010 2010 International Computer Music Conference New York, NY, USA expired URL No
2010 May 20 128th AES 128th AESConvention London, UK expired URL No
2010 Aug 23 ICMPC11 11th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition Seattle, Washington USA expired URL No
2010 Mar 15 IEEE-THEMES 2010 IEEE-THEMES 2010 on Signal and Information Processing for Social Networks. Dallas, TX, USA expired URL No
2010 Mar 29 3MIR-MIR 2010 11th ACM International Conference on Multimedia Information: Special Session on Multi-Modal Music Information Retrieval Philadelphia PA USA expired URL No
2009 Sep 25 SBP-2010 Social Computing, Behavioral Modeling and Prediction Bethesda, MD, USA expired URL No
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