Conference Calls

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Event_Date Acronym Workshop Title Location Submission (remaining)sort icon URL Attended?
2010 Jul 18 SIGIR-2010 33rd Annual ACM SIGIR Conference Geneva, Switzerland expired URL No
2009 Oct 1 WEMIS2009 Workshop on Exploring Musical Information Spaces Corfu, Greece expired URL No
2009 Dec 14 AdMIRe-2009 AdMIRe: International Workshop on Advances in Music Information Research 2009 San Diego, California, USA expired URL No
2009 Dec 11 NIPS-2009 23rd Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems Vancouver, Canada expired URL No
2010 Jul 7 CIM-2010 Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology: Nature versus Culture Sheffield, UK expired URL No
2010 Jun 20 UMAP-2010 18th Intl. Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization Hawaii, Hawaii, USA expired URL No
2010 Jul 25 KDD-2010 ACM Intl. Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Washington, DC, USA expired URL No
2011 Jul 22 AES 42 AES 42nd Conference on Semantic Audio Germany expired URL 1
2010 Jun 17 AES-39th Conf AES 39th International Conference on Audio Forensics, Hillerød, Denmark expired URL No
2011 Jun 13 CBMI-2011 9th International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing Madrid, Spain expired URL No
2010 May 1 LAC 2010 Linux Audio Conference 2010 Utrecht School of the Arts, Utrecht, The Netherlands expired URL No
2010 Sep 26 Recsys-2010 4rth ACM Recommender Systems 2010 Barcelona, Spain expired URL No
2010 Jun 15 AES Conference on Sound Quality Evaluation AES 38th International Conference on Sound Quality Evaluation Piteå, Sweden expired URL No
2010 Sep 20 ECS-2010 Entertainment Computing Symposium Brisbane, Australia expired URL No
2010 Jun 10 AES 38th International AES Conference Pitea, Sweden expired URL No
2011 May 22 ICASSP-2011 36th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing Prague, Czech Republic expired URL No
2010 Jun 8 Net-Works-2010 Net-Works 2010 International Conference Zaragoza, Spain expired URL 1
2010 Oct 25 MML 2010 3rd International Workshop on Machine Learning and Music Firenze, Italy expired URL 1
2011 Jun 9 N&M-IV The Neurosciences and Music IV Edinburgh, Scotland, UK expired No
2010 Aug 18 IIX-2010 Information Interaction in Context Symposium 2010 New Brunswick, NJ, USA expired URL No
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