Conference Calls

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Event_Date Acronymsort icon Workshop Title Location Submission (remaining) URL Attended?
2009 Dec 14 AdMIRe-2009 AdMIRe: International Workshop on Advances in Music Information Research 2009 San Diego, California, USA expired URL No
2010 Jun 10 AES 38th International AES Conference Pitea, Sweden expired URL No
2012 Apr 26 AES 132 AES 132nd Convention Budapest, Hungary expired URL No
2012 Oct 26 AES 133 AES 133nd Convention San francisco, EEUU expired URL No
2015 May 7 AES 2015 138th Audio Engineering Society Convention Warsaw, Poland expired URL 1
2009 Feb 11 AES 35th Conference AES 35th International Conference - Audio for Games London expired URL No
2011 Feb 2 AES 41st AES 41st Conference on Audio for Games London, UK expired URL 1 2
2011 Jul 22 AES 42 AES 42nd Conference on Semantic Audio Germany expired URL 1
2012 Mar 1 AES 45th AES 45th Conference on Applications of Time-Frequency Processing in Audio Helsinki, Finland expired URL No
2009 Jun 17 AES Audio Forensics AES 39th International Conference on Audio Forensics Hillerød, Denmark. expired URL No
2010 Jun 15 AES Conference on Sound Quality Evaluation AES 38th International Conference on Sound Quality Evaluation Piteå, Sweden expired URL No
2009 May 7 AES Convention 126th AES Convention Munich, Germany expired URL No
2014 Oct 9 AES Convention 137th AES Convention Los Angeles, USA expired URL No
2010 Jun 17 AES-39th Conf AES 39th International Conference on Audio Forensics, Hillerød, Denmark expired URL No
2017 Jun 22 AES-SA-2017 2017 AES International Conference on Semantic Audio Erlangen, Germany expired URL No
2016 Apr 15 AHEM Alternative Histories of Electronic Music London, UK expired URL No
2015 Apr 20 AISB-2015 AISB 2015 Symposium on Computational Creativity. Canterbury, UK expired URL No
2010 May 13 AISTATS-2010 13th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics Chia Laguna, Sardinia, Italy expired URL No
2014 Oct 1 AM 9th Audio Mostly: A Conference on Interaction With Sound Aalborg, Denmark not set URL 1
2015 Oct 7 AM'15 Audio Mostly 2015 Thessaloniki, Greece not set URL No
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