Conference Calls

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Event_Date Acronym Workshop Title Locationsort icon Submission (remaining) URL Attended?
2014 Jul 11 SoMeRA 2014 International Workshop on Social Media Retrieval and Analysis Gold Coast, Australia expired URL No
2008 Nov 14 SysMus08 1st Intl. Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology Graz, Austria expired URL No
2009 Dec 2 SAMT-2009 4th International Conference on Semantic and Digital Media Technologies Graz, Austria expired URL No
2009 Dec 9 LSAS-2009 International workshop on learning semantics of audio signals Graz, Austria expired URL No
2010 Sep 6 DAFx 2010 DAFx 2010 Graz, Austria expired URL 1
2010 Jun 23 CBMI-2010 International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing Grenoble, France expired URL No
2016 Aug 31 SMC 2016 13th Sound and Music Computing Conference Hamburg, Germany 140 day(s) URL No
2010 Jun 20 UMAP-2010 18th Intl. Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization Hawaii, Hawaii, USA expired URL No
2008 Jul 8 MML2008 International Workshop on Machine Learning and Music Helsinki, Finland expired URL 1
2012 Mar 1 AES 45th AES 45th Conference on Applications of Time-Frequency Processing in Audio Helsinki, Finland expired URL No
2010 Jun 17 AES-39th Conf AES 39th International Conference on Audio Forensics, Hillerød, Denmark expired URL No
2009 Jun 17 AES Audio Forensics AES 39th International Conference on Audio Forensics Hillerød, Denmark. expired URL No
2012 Jun 13 ICMR-2012 ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval Hong Kong, China expired URL No
2012 May 13 Acoustics 2012 The Acoustics 2012 Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Hong Kong, China expired URL No
2009 Nov 2 CNIKM Complex Networks in Information & Knowledge Management Hong-Kong, China expired URL No
2009 Mar 8 SAC-2009 24rd ACM Symposium on Applied Computing - Special Track on Information Access and Retrieval Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, expired URL No
2017 Apr 3 MCC-2017 SEMPRE Spring Conference 2017 – Musical Cultures Hull, UK not set URL No
2010 Jun 21 FSDM 10 Workshop on Feature Selection in Data Mining Hyderabad, India expired URL No
2011 Mar 28 WWW2011 20th International WWW Conference Hyderabad, India. expired URL No
2014 Jun 12 FMA 2014 4th International Workshop on Folk Music Analysis Istanbul, Turkey expired URL No
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