:: VST Voice transformation PlugIn

The VST Voice Transformation PlugIn is an implementation of the voice transformation techniques developed in the context of the Salero European project . It is a VST PlugIn for transforming voices in real-time, based in a set of meaningful controls like tunning (pitch and vibrato), Sinusoidal controls like frequency shift & stretch, amplitude modulation, excitation controls like roughness, whisper, breathiness or robotizer and timbre modification. Harmonizer controls allow to transform one voice to many in real-time controlling each voice independently setting the desired control parameters and panning for each one of them separately. The PlugIn offers the possibility to create presets based on the control parameters and store it for later use. Also some visualization of the input and output sound is achieved with the vst gui representation, showing in/out pitch (piano roll visualization), in/out spectrum and in/out waveform.

This prototype has been already developed in C++ and runs in real-time under any compatible VST hosts. All transformation algorithms are based on spectral techniques that analyze and modify the content in the frequency domain. Also an stand alone application has been developed to allow offline transformations to easily integrate the technology in a postproduction batch chain, these transformations are based on presets created using the VST Voice Transformation PlugIn.



VST Voice Transform PlugIn Screenshots