:: The Voice of Neanderthals

Obra Social "La Caixa" inaugurated at Gijón (Spain) in July 2009 the¨"Erase una vez... ¡El habla!" itinerant exhibition, focused on explaining the origin and evolution of the speech in the human beeing.

The KaleiVoiceCope technology with some voice conversion techniques addons has been used for recreate the voice of Neanderthals. Allowing the user to transform his/her own voice to a similar voice to the one that theories believe was produced by the Neanderthal man. With the small scientific information we have about this ancestrors, we try to explain in an interactive way the difficulties that Neanderthal men had to communicate due to the difficulty to express themselves.

This itinerant instal·lation has been present in the following cities:

  • Gijón, Jardines del Náutico (from 9th July 2009 to 30th August 2009)
  • Burgos, Plaza España (from 22nd September 2009 to 3rd November 2009)
  • Pamplona, Plaza de los Fueros (from 27th November 2009 to 10th January 2010)
  • Logroño, Plaza del Ayuntamiento (from 2nd February 2010 to 3rd March 2010)
  • Málaga, Plaza de la Marina (from 14th May to 22nd June 2010)
  • Alicante, Passeig Marítim Platja de Sant Joan (from 16th July to 6th September 2010)
  • Reus, Plaça de la Llibertat (from 28th September to 4th November 2010)
  • Albacete, Parque de Abelardo Sánchez. Colegio de San Fernando (from 3rd February to 16th March 2011)
  • Badajoz, Memoria de Menacho (from 7th April to 19th May 2011)
  • Palencia, Carpa instalada en el Parque del Salón (from 1st June to 1st July 2011)
  • Gandía, Explanada del puerto de Gandía (from 10th July to 9th September 2011)
  • León, Avenida de los Reyes Leoneses (from 22nd September to 3rd November 2011)
  • Santander, Plaza de Alfonso XIII (from 24th November 2011 to 11th January 2012)
  • Oviedo, carpa instalada en la Cubierta de Renfe - La Losa (from 31st January to 1st March 2012)
  • Jaén, Plaza del antiguo campo de futbol, calle Virgen de la Cabeza (from 27th March to 27th April 2012)
  • Granada (from 16th May to 28th June 2012)



Neanderthal's Voice Simulation