:: El Caleidoscopio de la Voz

The KaleiVoiceCope technology has been present in a temporal installation for the CosmoCaixa Madrid and Barcelona Museums and currently in the CaixaForum gallery in Tarragona. In this installation, the visitor of the museum talks to a microphone, selects how to transform his/her voice and listens and visualizes the voice.

Concept Idea of the Installation


"El Caleidoscopio de la Voz" is an installation composed by an interactive kiosk with a 19'' touch display for selecting the transformations, a big 40'' screen for in/out voice parameters visualization, a microphone to capture the input voice and a set of speakers for reproducing the output transformed voice. In the touch screen, the allowed voice transformations are represented by an image icon (male to female, female to male, elder, child, moster, robot, alien or cartoon). The user presses one of these icons to select the desired transformation. Depending on the image selected, the system analyzes the sound coming from the microphone near the kiosk, transforms it to sound like pressed icon and reproduces it in real-time using the set of speakers situated in front of the user. Some extracted parameters from the voice in the analysis process are represented in the big display so the user can view in real-time some characteristics of his/her voice and the transformed one like waveform, spectrum and pitch.

Block Diagram of the Installation

Images from the exhibition in CosmoCaixa Madrid Museum


Num3ros exhibition
From 08/May/2007 to 01/September/2008
Place: CosmoCaixa Madrid
Adress: C/ Pintor Velazquez, s/n
City: Alcobendas (SPAIN)

Nombr3s exhibition
From 16/July/2008 to 18/April/2010
Place: CosmoCaixa Barcelona
Adress: C/ Isaac Newton, 26
City: Barcelona (SPAIN)

Nombres de bona família exhibition
From 15/Dec/2010 to 6/Mar/2011

Place: CaixaForum Tarragona
Address: C/ Cristòfor Colom, 2
City: Tarragona (SPAIN)