Main features / specifications

The word "KaleiVoiceCope" comes from combining the words Kaleidoscope and Voice. A kaleidoscope is a tube-shaped optical instrument that is rotated to produce a succession of symmetrical designs by means of mirrors reflecting the constantly changing patterns made by bits of colored glass at one end of the tube. The idea here is to replace the bits of colored glass by the human voice, so a KaleiVoiceCope is used to transform the voice character, tone, pitch, gender, timbre, etc based on a set of controllable parameters.

The KaleiVoiceCope Technology consists in a Software Library containing state of the art signal processing algorithms that convert and modify the human voice, based in a set of meaningful controls that preserve its natural quality.

These meaningful transformations include adding vibrato, changing fundamental frequency or amplitude, controlling spectral and physical characteristics of the voice or modifying timbre. High-Level Presets based on these transformations can be easily created to allow, for instance, gender change transformations, convert to operatic voice or robotizer effect.

This Voice Transformation Library can be easily integrated in post-production studios or software FX plug-ins to transform isolated singing or speech voices from a song, film or advertisement or even generate new virtual characters from existing ones.


Use cases and applications
  • Modify the timbre and characteristics of an actor’s voice
  • Interactive installation where the user transforms his/her voice characteristics in real-time (educational purposes)
  • videogames
  • Available transformations: Man, woman, kid, old, monster, robot, alien, clown.
Available software tools
  • VST Voice Transformation Plug-in (Windows, OSX)
  • Interactive installation for CosmoCaixa Museum (Windows, touchscreen)
  • Interactive installation for CosmoCaixa Museum (WIndows, physical buttons)
System requirements Standard PC

SALERO EU project

Team involved Jordi Bonada, Oscar Mayor, Jordi Janer
Commercialization options

This technology is licensed to our spin-off company Voctro Labs.

Contact Oscar Mayor < oscar dot mayor at upf dot edu >