The activities of the MTG go beyond the typical ones of an academic research group. The MTG also organizes activities aimed at promoting public awareness and understanding of our field of research and at transferring the research results to society. In this page we present our outreach activities and link to the spin-off companies that we have created.

Phonos project

Phonos project is an initiative of the MTG in collaboration with the Phonos Foundation. This project aims to promote cultural activities related to research in music technology. It is open to society and, through the collaboration with organizations and individuals outside the university, several activities are developed:

- Concerts. This is a space for the presentation of works by students, teachers and researchers of the UPF plus by external artists. We feature instrumental-electronic, acousmatic music (octophony), art music of the world, and concerts by the Barcelona Laptop Orchestra as resident orchestra.

- Sounds of Barcelona. We organize awarness workshops aimed to promote interest in sound and sound technologies as a means to understand and influence our surroundings. Participants learn to listen, think and work with the sound of our environment, through exercises and creative strategies.

- Grants for artistic creation. This program aims to promote the production of sound works which use computer systems to control and create music, especially projects that use technologies developed by the Music Technology Group.

Music Hack Day Barcelona (MHD BCN)

The Music Hack Day is a two-day international event that convene enthusiasts of music, technology and creativity. This initiative presents an ideal ecosystem for networking, as its activities aim at creating new digital applications and projects based on music technology compatible with different devices (BCIs, glasses, tablets, PCs, smartphones, etc.).

The MHD have shown to be an outstanding initiative to express the creativity of the music technology community, as it fosters innovation and the creation of new cross-platform applications. After its first edition in London 2009, it has been organized in cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Boston, Stockholm, San Francisco, Barcelona, New York, Cannes, Sydney, Montreal... The MHD is an exciting event that has gathered more than 2000 participants, who have developed hundreds of hacks with the support of more than 125 companies of music and technology.

The MTG is the main organizer of Music Hack Days in Barcelona since its first edition in 2010, the three last editions have been organised in the frame of the Sonar+D Festival.

Sound and Music Computing Network

Sound and Music Computing Network

The SMCNetwork web portal of the Sound and Music Computing research community is part of the results of the research project Sound to Sense, Sense to Sound (S2S^2) which addressed the various contexts that determine how the research field of sound and music computing is embedded in a societal framework. This web portal contains all relevant information about the annual SMC Conference, summer schools, and other resources of interest to the SMC research community, including research centres and associations, academic journals and conferences as well as software tools relevant to this research field.