Computational Models of Music Perception and Cognition I: The Perceptual and Cognitive Processing Chain

TitleComputational Models of Music Perception and Cognition I: The Perceptual and Cognitive Processing Chain
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsPurwins, P., Herrera P., Grachten M., Hazan A., Marxer R., & Serra X.
Journal TitlePhysics of Life Reviews
Journal Date09/2008
Keywordsauditory model, cognitive model, EEG, fMRI, music psychology, neuroscience, psychoacoustics
AbstractWe present a review on perception and cognition models designed for or applicable to music. An emphasis is put on computational implementations. We include findings from different disciplines: neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and musicology. The article summarizes the methodology that these disciplines use to approach the phenomena of music understanding, the localization of musical processes in the brain, and the flow of cognitive operations involved in turning physical signals into musical symbols, going from the transducers to the memory systems of the brain. We discuss formal models developed to emulate, explain and predict phenomena involved in early auditory processing, pitch processing, grouping, source separation, and music structure computation. We cover generic computational architectures of attention, memory, and expectation that can be instantiated and tuned to deal with specific musical phenomena. Criteria for the evaluation of such models are presented and discussed. Thereby, we lay out the general framework that provides the basis for the discussion of domain-specific music models in a follow-up article [Purwins et al., 2008b].
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