Bridging the Music Semantic Gap

TitleBridging the Music Semantic Gap
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
Conference NameWorkshop on Mastering the Gap: From Information Extraction to Semantic Representation
AuthorsCelma, Ò., Herrera P., & Serra X.
Conference Start Date11-06-2006
Conference LocationBudva, Montenegro
ISSN Number613-0073
AbstractIn this paper we present the music information plane and the diff erent levels of information extraction that exist in the musical domain. Based on this approach we propose a way to overcome the existing semantic gap in the music eld. Our approximation is twofold: we propose a set of music descriptors that can automatically be extracted from the audio signals, and a top-down approach that adds explicit and formal semantics to these annotations. These music descriptors are generated in two ways: as derivations and combinations of lower-level descriptors and as generalizations induced from manually annotated databases by the intensive application of machine learning. We belive that merging both approaches (bottom-up and top-down) can overcome the existing semantic gap in the musical domain.
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