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Content Processing of Music Audio Signals

Title Content Processing of Music Audio Signals
Publication Type Book Chapter
Year of Publication 2008
Authors Gouyon, F. , Herrera P. , Gómez E. , Cano P. , Bonada J. , Loscos A. , Amatriain X. , & Serra X.
Editor Polotti, P. , & Rocchesso D.
Book Title Sound to Sense, Sense to Sound: A State of the Art in Sound and Music Computing
City Berlin
Publisher Logos Verlag Berlin GmbH
Pages 83-160
Chapter 3
ISBN Number 9783832516000
Abstract In this chapter, we provide an overview of state-of-the-art algorithms for the automatic description of music audio signals, both from a low-level perspective (focusing on signal characteristics) and a more musical perspective (focusing on musically meaningful dimensions). We also provide examples of applications based on this description, such as music identification, music browsing and music signal transformations. Throughout the chapter, a special focus is put on promising research directions.
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