Developing block-movement, physical-model based objects for the Reactable

TitleDeveloping block-movement, physical-model based objects for the Reactable
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
Conference NameNIME08
AuthorsDimitrov, S., Alonso M., & Serafin S.
AbstractThis paper reports on a Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) sponsored by SID European COST Action IC601.
Prototypes of objects for the novel instrument Reactable were developed, with the goal of study of sonification of movements on this platform. A physical model of a violin was used as an audio generation engine, which allowed development in two directions - a set of objects that expect motions similar to violin bowing, and a single object aiming to sonify contact friction sound. Informal evaluation was obtained from a Reactable expert user regarding these sets of objects. Experiments with these objects were also performed - related to both audio filtering, and interfacing with other objects for the Reactable.
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