Real-Time Spectral Synthesis For Wind Instruments

TitleReal-Time Spectral Synthesis For Wind Instruments
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsMayor, O., Loscos A., & Bonada J.
AbstractA real-time spectral domain monophonic synthesizer is being developed. The idea is to achieve the sound quality given by samplers and improve the flexibility of control and model transitions between notes. The output sound is generated concatenating, transforming and synthesizing attacks and stationeries previously recorded by a real player that have been analyzed and stored in a database. A spectral technique called SPP is used in order to get better sound quality than other spectral techniques, like the sinusoidal or sinusoidal plus residual model, when transforming the sound. The aim is to get a sampler-like quality but with a high degree of flexibility to transform the sound and to model note transitions.
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