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Performance-based Interpreter Identification in Saxophone Audio Recordings

Title Performance-based Interpreter Identification in Saxophone Audio Recordings
Publication Type Journal Article
Year of Publication 2007
Authors Ramirez, R. , Maestre E. , Pertusa A. , Gómez E. , & Serra X.
Journal Title IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
Volume 17
Pages 356-364
Abstract We propose a novel approach to the task of identifying performers from their playing styles. We investigate how skilled musicians (Jazz saxophone players in particular) express and communicate their view of the musical and emotional content of musical pieces and how to use this information in order to automatically identify performers. We study deviations of parameters such as pitch, timing, amplitude and timbre both at an inter-note level and at an intra-note level. Our approach to performer identification consists of establishing a performer dependent mapping of inter-note features (essentially a "score" whether or not the score physically exists) to a repertoire of inflections characterized by intra-note features. We present a successful performer identification case study
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