Esophageal Voice Enhancement by Modeling Radiated Pulses in Frequency Domain

TitleEsophageal Voice Enhancement by Modeling Radiated Pulses in Frequency Domain
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsLoscos, A., & Bonada J.
AbstractAltough esophageal speech has demonstrated to be the most popular voice recovering method after laryngectomy surgery, it is difficult to master and shows a poor degree of intelligibility. This article proposes a new method for esophageal voice enhancement using speech digital signal processing techniques based on modeling radiated voice pulses in frequency domain. The analysis-transformation-synthesis technique creates a non-pathological spectrum for those utterances featured as voiced and filters those unvoiced. Healthy spectrum generation implies transforming the original timbre, modeling harmonic phase coupling from the spectral shape envelope, and deriving pitch from frame energy analysis. Resynthesized speech aims to improve intelligibility, minimize artificial artifacts, and acquire resemblance to patientÂ’s pre-surgery original voice.
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