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Semantic Integration and Retrieval of Multimedia Metadata

Title Semantic Integration and Retrieval of Multimedia Metadata
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2005
Conference Name 2nd European Workshop on the Integration of Knowledge, Semantic and Digital Media
Authors García, R. , & Celma Ò.
Conference Location Galway, Ireland
Abstract The amount of digital media that has to be actually managed has already become unaffordable without fine-grained computerised support. This requires an extensive use of multimedia metadata. MPEG-7 is the greatest metadata framework created to date but it is based on XML Schemas. Therefore, its does not have formal semantics, which makes difficult to manage, extend and integrate it. Consequently, there have been a lot attempts to move MPEG-7 to the Semantic Web.
Our approach contributes a complete and automatic mapping of the whole MPEG-7 standard to OWL. It is based on a generic XML Schema to OWL mapping. The previous mapping is complemented with an XML metadata instances to RDF mapping that completes a transparent transfer of metadata from the XML to the Semantic Web domain.
Once in a semantic space, data integration, which is a crucial factor when several sources of information are available, is facilitated enormously. We have used the generated MPEG-7 OWL ontology as an “upper-ontology” for multimedia metadata, where three different music schemas have been linked. Thus, it has been possible to retrieve related information from instances of all the metadata sources. Furthermore, detecting and merging instances from different sources has allowed us to enhance the description of audio files, both content-based and editorial data.
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