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Mucosa a music content semantic annotator

Title Mucosa a music content semantic annotator
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2005
Conference Name 6th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval (2005)
Authors Herrera, P. , Celma Ò. , Massaguer J. , Cano P. , Gómez E. , Gouyon F. , Koppenberger M. , Garcia D. , G. Mahedero J. , & Wack N.
Abstract MUCOSA (Music Content Semantic Annotator) is an environment for the annotation and generation of music metadata at different levels of abstraction. It is composed of three tiers an annotation client that deals with micro-annotations (i.e. within-file annotations), a collection tagger, which deals with macro-annotations (i.e. across-files annotations), and a collaborative annotation subsystem, which manages large-scale annotation tasks that can be shared among different research centres. The annotation client is an enhanced version of WaveSurfer, a speech annotation tool. The collection tagger includes tools for automatic generation of unary descriptors, invention of new descriptors, and propagation of descriptors across sub-collections or playlists. Finally, the collaborative annotation subsystem, based on Plone, makes possible to share the annotation chores and results between several research institutions. A collection of annotated songs is available, as a “starter pack” to all the individuals or institutions that are eager to join this initiative.
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