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Real-Time Multi-Track Mixing For Live Performance

Title Real-Time Multi-Track Mixing For Live Performance
Publication Type Master Thesis
Year of Publication 2018
Authors Jiménez-Sauma, J.
Abstract Finding the balance of sounds in a multitrack recording is always a time consuming process performed by experienced professionals. A poor mix produces a mix where is difficult to make the sounds stand out or enhance their presence, also creating a recording where clarity is not perceived. Auditory Masking of tracks is a common problem that affects the presence of instruments in the mix, making some elements indistinguishable and not audible. This thesis analyses previous research in the field of automatic mixing to find methods to avoid Auditory Masking in multitrack performance. A set of tools are developed during this process to help reduce Auditory Masking by implementing different state-ofthe- art techniques as well as a standard measurement of Auditory Masking. Previous research in the field of automatic mixing is intended to improve mixing for studio recordings. This thesis aims to apply this knowledge to the case of real-time performance where different considerations apply. Unlike similar approaches in the state of the art, the unmasking tool implemented during this thesis is designed to work in real-time. Three different versions of unmasking tools between two channels in real-time are developed as a result of this research. Each version implements different techniques with similar objectives but different advantages. The result of using this tools is evaluated both quantitatively and quantitatively to find which one provides the best results. Using tools like the ones developed in this thesis have the potential of helping both experienced and amateur music producers and performers.
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