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CANTE FLAMENCO TECH: Aprendizaje del cante con la ayuda de la tecnología

Title CANTE FLAMENCO TECH: Aprendizaje del cante con la ayuda de la tecnología
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2018
Conference Name V Congreso Interdisciplinar INVESTIGACIÓN Y FLAMENCO (INFLA)
Authors Gómez, E. , Guerrero A. , & Rodríguez S.
Conference Start Date 07/06/2018
Conference Location Sevilla, Spain
Abstract Cante Flamenco Tech is a pedagogical project intended to create online teaching materials for flamenco singing following a music technology perspective. The project integrates current technologies of audio analysis for describing one of the most important features of flamenco singing: a set of characteristic vocal resources. Our project is interdisciplinary, as it integrates concepts from different disciplines such as acoustics, sound processing and singing practice. The paper first describes the set of vocal resources presented in the course. In addition to audiovisual resources and evaluation strategies commonly found in online teaching material (videos, questionnaires and discussion forums), our project integrates automatic singing analysis tools for visualizing the most important aspects of vocal techniques in singers. After presenting the selected visualization strategies, we provide some results of our analysis and an illustration of the usefulness of visualizations for the expressive characterization of different performances from the same flamenco style. Our project is novel with respect to context, technological orientation and potential impact in the community of flamenco lovers and technologists.
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