Transforming Singing Voice Expression - The Sweetness Effect

TitleTransforming Singing Voice Expression - The Sweetness Effect
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsFabig, L., & Janer J.
AbstractWe propose a real-time system which is targeted to music production in the context of vocal recordings. The aim is to transform the singer's voice characteristics in order to achieve a sweet sounding voice. It combines three different transformations namely Sub-Harmonic Component Reduction (reduction of sub-harmonics, which are found in voices with vocal disorders), Vocal Tract Excitation Modification (to achieve a change in loudness) and the Intonation Modification (to achieve smoother transitions in pitch). The transformations are done in the frequency domain based on an enhanced phase-locked vocoder. The Expression Adaptive Control estimates the amount of present vocal disorder in the singer's voice. This estimate automatically controls the amount of Sub-Harmonic Component reduction to assure a natural sounding transformation.
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