High Resolution Audio Analysis From A Music Information Retrieval Perspective

TitleHigh Resolution Audio Analysis From A Music Information Retrieval Perspective
Publication TypeMaster Thesis
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsLoáiciga Espeleta, F.
AbstractSince long time ago digital audio is one of the most used formats in the industry for storage and transmission. During the mayor part of its history, from a not audio professional, but a consumer perspective, 44.1 kHz/16 bits have been the standard resolution used for music final reproduction. As data storage became cheaper and sample rate converters more accurate and powerful, higher sampling resolutions start gaining importance within audio professionals, where all types of opinions and discussions have raised, about if it’s worth it to work with higher resolutions. With the main objective to find if perceptual attributes can be mapped to High Resolution Audio (HRA), this thesis gathers information from latest studies about perceptual attributes classification within HRA, once all the information is covered, results from a listening experiment are presented. Raw data, obtained from the results of the experiment, show a small preference from part of the assessors to choose HRA over standard quality, but final statistical tests reject this hypothesis.
KeywordsDigital Audio, High Resolution Audio, loudness, Sampling Rate, Streaming