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Semantic interaction with music content using FOAF

Title Semantic interaction with music content using FOAF
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2004
Conference Name Proceedings of 1st Workshop on Friend of a Friend, Social Networking and the Semantic Web
Authors Celma, Ò. , Ramírez M. , & Herrera P.
Conference Location Galway, Ireland
Abstract SIMAC (Semantic Interaction with Music Audio Contents) is an European Commission project (IST-, Semantic-based knowledge systems) which aims to develop a set of prototypes to describe, semi-automatically, music audio content. SIMAC is about music metadata, about what you can say of a piece of music, on what is hidden in a music file, in a collection of music files, and in the collective knowledge of a community of music lovers. This document proposes to enhance/extend the Friend of a Friend (FOAF) definition to model user musical tastes. One of the goals of the project is to explore music content discovery, based on both user profiling and content-based descriptions.
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