Industrial audio fingerprinting distributed system with CORBA and Web Services

TitleIndustrial audio fingerprinting distributed system with CORBA and Web Services
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
Conference Name5th International Conference on Music Information Retrieval
AuthorsG. Mahedero, J., Tarasov V., Batlle E., Guaus E., & Masip J.
Conference Start Date10/10/2004
Conference LocationBarcelona, Spain
AbstractWith the appearence of digital technologies, music content providers face serious challenges to protect their rights. Due to the widespread nature of music sources, it is very difficult to centralize the audio management. Audio fingerprinting allows the identification of audio content regardless of the audio format and without the need of additional metadata. Monitoring the audio which is being broadcasted by the tv and radio stations over a large territory (country-wide for example) requires the design and implementation of a scalable, robust and modular framework. CORBA has been chosen to provide a scalable foundation of the system. The whole functionality needs to be decoupled from clients. This was achieved by employing Web Services. The audio identification core uses a Hidden Markov Model-based audio fingerprinting technology. In this paper we discuss the issues of design and implementation of a complete distributing system that automatically monitors audio content, specifically music and commercials. Today, a working prototype of such a system already exists, and is dedicated to monitoring several radio and tv stations in Spain
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