Free Software in Education Is it a Viable Alternative?

TitleFree Software in Education Is it a Viable Alternative?
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsAmatriain, X., & Griffiths D.
AbstractThis paper reviews the advantages suitability of Free Software with particular regard to education. The characteristics of Free Software and Open Source and their respective licenses are explained. The pragmatic advantages of Free Software are outlined, with a focus on technical, economical and business related issues. It is proposed that the choice of software is not morally neutral, and that free software is a more coherent choice. The education specific aspects of Free Software are examined, and arguments put forward as to why Free Software is the best option for education and research. Practical guidance is provided on Free applications which can substitute for proprietary applications. Finally a four step route map is proposed for individuals or institutions who wish to move from a proprietary to a Free software environment.
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