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Information Extraction for Knowledge Base Construction in the Music Domain

Title Information Extraction for Knowledge Base Construction in the Music Domain
Publication Type Journal Article
Year of Publication 2016
Authors Oramas, S. , Espinosa-Anke L. , Sordo M. , Saggion H. , & Serra X.
Journal Title Data & Knowledge Engineering
Volume 106
Pages 70-83
Journal Date 11/2016
Abstract The rate at which information about music is being created and shared on the web is growing exponentially. However, the challenge of making sense of all this data remains an open problem. In this paper, we present and evaluate an Information Extraction pipeline aimed at the construction of a Music Knowledge Base. Our approach starts off by collecting thousands of stories about songs from the website. Then, we combine a state-of-the-art Entity Linking tool and a linguistically motivated rule-based algorithm to extract semantic relations between entity pairs. Next, relations with similar semantics are grouped into clusters by exploiting syntactic dependencies. These relations are ranked thanks to a novel confidence measure based on statistical and linguistic evidence. Evaluation is carried out intrinsically, by assessing each component of the pipeline, as well as in an extrinsic task, in which we evaluate the contribution of natural language explanations in music recommendation. We demonstrate that our method is able to discover novel facts with high precision, which are missing in current generic as well as music-specific knowledge repositories.
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Additional material:
KBSF Knowledge base of popular music extracted from a corpus of ∼32k documents with stories about songs.