Amadeus A Scalable HMM-based Audio Information Retrieval System

TitleAmadeus A Scalable HMM-based Audio Information Retrieval System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
Conference NameFirst International Symposium on Control, Communications and Signal Processing
AuthorsBatlle, E., Masip J., & Guaus E.
Conference Start Date21/03/2004
Conference LocationHammamet, Tunesia
AbstractThe new transmission and storage technologies now available have put together a vast amount of digital audio. All this audio is ready and easy to transfer but it might be useless with a clear knowledge of its content as metadata attached to it. This knowledge can be manually added but this is not feasible for millions of on-line files. In this paper we present a method to automatically derive acoustic information about audio files and a technology to classify and retrieve audio examples.
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