a framework to explore goodness in instrumental sounds a framework to explore goodness in instrumental sounds
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
Conference Name17th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR 2016)
AuthorsBandiera, G., Romaní Picas O., & Serra X.
Conference Start Date07/08/2016
Conference LocationNew York
AbstractWe introduce, a community driven framework based on to explore the concept of goodness in instrumental sounds. Goodness is conside- red here as the common agreed basic sound quality of an instrument without taking into consideration musical ex- pressiveness. Musicians upload their sounds and vote on existing sounds, and from the collected data the system is able to develop sound goodness measures of relevance for music education applications. The core of the system is a database of sounds, together with audio features extracted from them using MTG’s Essentia library and user annota- tions related to the goodness of the sounds. The web front- end provides useful data visualizations of the sound at- tributes and tools to facilitate user interaction. To evaluate the framework, we carried out an experiment to rate sound goodness of single notes of nine orchestral instruments. In it, users rated the sounds using an AB vote over a set of sound attributes defined to be of relevance in the charac- terization of single notes of instrumental sounds. With the obtained votes we built a ranking of the sounds for each attribute and developed a model that rates the goodness for each of the selected sound attributes. Using this approach, we have succeeded in obtaining results comparable to a model that was built from expert generated evaluations.
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Good-sounds dataset

The dataset of the good-sounds project is freely available here .