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Melody Transcription Framework using Score Information for Noh Singing

Title Melody Transcription Framework using Score Information for Noh Singing
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2016
Conference Name International Conference on Creative Content Technologies (CONTENT 2016)
Authors Itou, K. , Caro Repetto R. , & Serra X.
Conference Start Date 20/3/2016
Conference Location Rome, Italy
Abstract Not only do novice listeners have difficulty enjoying Noh singing but researchers also have difficulty treating it formally. A major reason is the huge difference between the score information and the acoustics of its execution. This paper proposes melody transcription for Noh singing using score information. The method’s design is based on comparative observation among score information, commentary, and the acoustic signals of its execution by multiple performers. The calculation is based on global polynomial regression and modification within the note using score information. According to visual judgment of the plots, the resultant transcriptions fitted the pitch contours well. In addition, the possibility of discovering new unprescribed ornaments using melody transcription was suggested.
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