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Contextual set-class analysis

Title Contextual set-class analysis
Publication Type Book Chapter
Year of Publication 2015
Authors Martorell, A. , & Gómez E.
Editor Meredith, D.
Book Title Computational Music Analysis
City Heidelberg
Publisher Springer
Pages 81-110
Chapter 4
ISBN 978-3-319-25929-1
Abstract This work reviews and elaborates a methodology for contextual multi-scale set-class analysis of music pieces. The method proposes a systematic approach to the segmentation, description and representation problems in the analysis of the musical surface. The introduction of a set-class description domain provides a systematic, mid-level, and standard analytical lexicon, which allows the description of any notated music based on fixed temperaments. The method benefits from the representation completeness, the compromise between generalisation and discrimination of the set-class spaces, and the access to hierarchical inclusion relations over time. A set of data structures are derived from the method. The class-scape represents, in a visual way, every possible segment of a musical piece in terms of their set-class content. The class-matrix represents the existence of every possible set class over time, and it is invariant to time scale and to several transformations of analytical interest. The class-vector summarises a music piece, by quantifying the temporal presence of every possible set class. The compromise between dimensionality and informativeness provided by these descriptors is discussed in relation with standard content-based tonal descriptors, and music information retrieval applications. The interfacing possibilities of the method are also discussed.
preprint/postprint document
Final publication 10.1007/978-3-319-25931-4