Using morphological description for generic sound retrieval

TitleUsing morphological description for generic sound retrieval
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
Conference NameInternational Conference on Music Information Retrieval
AuthorsRicard, J., & Herrera P.
AbstractSystems for sound retrieval are usually “source-centred”. This means that retrieval is based on using the proper keywords that define or specify a sound source. Although this type of description is of great interest, it is very difficult to implement it into realistic automatic labelling systems because of the necessity of dealing with thousands of categories, hence with thousands of different sound models. Automatic source recognition doesn’t perform well enough for all type of sounds, and most sounds are still labelled manually. Moreover, digitally synthesised or transformed sounds, which are frequently used in most of the contemporary popular music, have no identifiable sources. We propose a description framework, based on Schaeffer’s research on a generalised solfeggio which could be applied to any type of sounds. He defined some morphological description criteria, based on intrinsic perceptual qualities of sound, which doesn’t refer to the cause or the meaning of a sound. After describing some potential applications, we will present our approach and experiments on computational morphological criteria
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