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Performance to Score Sequence Matching for Automatic Ornament Detection in Jazz Music

Title Performance to Score Sequence Matching for Automatic Ornament Detection in Jazz Music
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2015
Conference Name International Conference on New Music Concepts
Authors Giraldo, S. , & Ramirez R.
Conference Start Date 03/03/2015
Publisher ABEditore
Conference Location Treviso, Italy
Abstract Expressive music performance research deals with the analysis and characterization of the performance deviations a musician introduce when performing a musical piece. Most of the previous work in this area focuses on timing and dynamic deviations in classical music. Very few works deal with ornamentation characterization, and most of these works also focus on classical music where ornaments are indicated in the score. However in popular music (e.g. jazz music) ornaments are seldom indicated in the score and it is the performer who introduce them by adding/substituting groups of notes based on melodic, harmonic and rhythmic contexts, as well as on his/her musical background. In this work we present a system for automatically recognizing ornaments in jazz melodies. Based on a set of real performances by a professional jazz guitarist, we apply Dynamic Time Warping to automatically detect ornaments by matching the performed and the score note sequences. For each ornamented note, its musical context description and corresponding ornamentation are stored in a database. We evaluate the alignment of the ornamented performance and score using a ground truth consisting of manual annotations made by jazz musicians.
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