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Visualization of metre and other rhythm features

Title Visualization of metre and other rhythm features
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2003
Conference Name International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology
Authors Guaus, E. , & Batlle E.
Conference Start Date 14/12/2003
Conference Location Darmstadt, Germany
Abstract In this paper, we present a new rhythm, metre and BPM visualization tool. It is based on the proposed Rhythm Transformation that transforms audio data from time domain to a so called rhythm domain. The goal of this method is that data in rhythm domain can be interpreted as frequency domain information (for BPM detection) as well as time domain information (for metre detection). Some musical information, such as the metre (simple or compound, duple or triple, swinged or non-swinged), can be extracted from input audio. The method is based on the periodogram computation of the processed input data, and the different musical features are extracted by using well known techniques.
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