Audio Feature Extraction for Exploring Turkish Makam Music

TitleAudio Feature Extraction for Exploring Turkish Makam Music
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
Conference Name3rd International Conference on Audio Technologies for Music and Media
AuthorsAtlı, H. S., Uyar B., Şentürk S., Bozkurt B., & Serra X.
Conference Start Date12/11/2014
PublisherBilkent University. Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture. Department of Communication and Design
Conference LocationAnkara, Turkey
AbstractFor Turkish makam music, there exist several analysis tools which generally use only the audio as the input to extract the features of the audio. This study aims at extending such approach by using additional features such as scores, editorial metadata and the knowledge about the music. In this paper, the existing algorithms for similar research, the improvements we apply to the existing audio feature extraction tools and some potential topics for audio feature extraction of Turkish makam music are explained. For the improvements, we make use of the Turkish makam music corpus and the culture specific knowledge. We also present a web-based platform, Dunya, where the output of our research, such as pitch histograms, melodic progressions and segmentation information will be used to explore a collection of audio recordings of Turkish makam music.
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