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A novel audio-to-score alignment method using velocity-driven DTW

Title A novel audio-to-score alignment method using velocity-driven DTW
Publication Type Master Thesis
Year of Publication 2014
Authors Romaní Picas, O.
preprint/postprint document
Abstract The problem of automatic audio to score alignment is nowadays well understood, leading to high accuracies even for polyphonic music signals with several instruments playing at the same time. Traditionally, the evaluation metrics rely on the distance between the ground truth and the estimated note onsets, considering a fixed tolerance threshold (e.g. 200 ms). This criterion is suitable for many applications such as page turning or informed sound source separation. However, other applications as automatic musical accompaniment require more advance alignment, considering musical aspects such as tempo in order to control the time differences between onsets of consecutive notes, leading to aligned scores with more musical meaning. The aim of this master thesis is to provide a solution to guide the alignment process from a more musical point of view in order to implement an automatic musical accompaniment system. To this end, the most reliable score follower algorithm of the MIREX competition is used as a base line and extended taking into account the musical restrictions. The proposed method is based on Dynamic Time Warping (DTW), where a tempo controller is enforced within the minimum cost path computation in a novel way.
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A MATLAB implementation of the code is available in Github.