Displaced SoundScapes A Survey of Network Systems for Music and Sonic Art Creation

TitleDisplaced SoundScapes A Survey of Network Systems for Music and Sonic Art Creation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBarbosa, A.
Journal TitleLeonardo Music Journal
AbstractThe ubiquitous nature of communication in computer networks, firmly manifested in the Internet era, provided a context for the introduction of different collaborative tools widely accepted by the on-line community, such as textual chats, white boards, shared editors, video conference systems, shared spaces for the exchange of multimedia documents or even simple e-mail based collaborative systems. On the other hand, for the last decades artists have used cutting edge computer technology to maximize the aesthetics and conceptual value of their work, either by enhancing the way they traditionally create, or by using technology as a medium itself for art expression. The idea of using computer networks as an element in collective artistic creation is no exception, since it provides particularly engaging possibilities to achieve stylistic and conceptual originality. Network Systems for Music and Sonic Art Creation emerged in the last few years, allowing geographically displaced creators to collaboratively generate shared SoundScapes. In this article the author presents a discussion about different system designs, ideas and concepts approaching this new interaction paradigm.
preprint/postprint documenthttp://hdl.handle.net/10230/41909
Final publicationhttps://doi.org/10.1162/096112104322750791