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The Musical Communication Chain and its Modeling

Title The Musical Communication Chain and its Modeling
Publication Type Book Chapter
Year of Publication 2002
Authors Serra, X.
Editor Assayag, G. , Fechtinger H. G. , & Rodrigues J. F.
Book Title Mathematics and Music
Publisher Springer-Verlag
Pages 243-255
ISBN Number 3 540 43727 4
Abstract We know that Music is a complex phenomenon impossible to approach from any single point of view; thus, most scientific attempts to understand the music process do not make justice to its amazing richness. However, this cannot prevent us from trying to explain and to formalize some aspects, thus contributing to its understanding and at the same time offering new tools to create and enjoy new music works, thus participating in enriching that same marvelous complexity.
In his book Elements of Computer Music (Moore, 1990), Richard Moore presents a view of the musical communication chain that despite being based on a traditional music conception, it is a very useful starting point for discussing many relevant issues connecting computers and music. Starting from that view, in this article we will mention some of the active research areas and present topics that are still very much open to be looked into. No attempt is made to present a comprehensive overview of the Computer Music field and its related disciplines. A part from the book by Moore there are a few books that can give the reader an overview of the field (Roads, 1996; Dodge and Jerse, 1996).
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