Automatic lyrics-to-audio alignment in classical Turkish music

TitleAutomatic lyrics-to-audio alignment in classical Turkish music
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
Conference Name4th International Workshop on Folk Music Analysis
AuthorsDzhambazov, G., Şentürk S., & Serra X.
Conference Start Date12/06/2014
Conference LocationIstanbul, Turkey
Keywordsalignment, hmm, lyrics, phonemes, singing voice, Turkish, Viterbi
AbstractWe apply a lyrics-to-audio alignment state-of-the-art approach to polyphonic pieces from classical Turkish repertoire. A phonetic recognizer is employed, whereby each phoneme is assigned a hidden Markov model (HMM). Initially trained on speech, the models are adapted on singing voice to match the acoustic characteristics of the test dataset. Being the first study on lyrics-to-audio alignment applied on Turkish music, it could serve as a baseline for singing material with similar musical characteristics. As part of this work a dataset of recordings from the classical music tradition is compiled. Experiments, conducted separately for male and female singers, show that female singing is aligned more accurately.
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