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ESSENTIA: an open source library for audio analysis

Title ESSENTIA: an open source library for audio analysis
Publication Type Journal Article
Year of Publication 2014
Authors Bogdanov, D. , Wack N. , Gómez E. , Gulati S. , Herrera P. , Mayor O. , Roma G. , Salamon J. , Zapata J. R. , & Serra X.
Journal Title ACM SIGMM Records
Volume 6
Issue 1
ISSN 1947-4598
Abstract Over the last decade, audio analysis has become a field of active research in academic and engineering worlds. It refers to the extraction of information and meaning from audio signals for analysis, classification, storage, retrieval, and synthesis, among other tasks. Related research topics challenge understanding and modeling of sound and music, and develop methods and technologies that can be used to process audio in order to extract acoustically and musically relevant data and make use of this information. Audio analysis techniques are instrumental in the development of new audio-related products and services, because these techniques allow novel ways of interaction with sound and music.
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