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Multidimensional analysis of interdependence in a string quartet

Title Multidimensional analysis of interdependence in a string quartet
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2013
Conference Name International Symposium on Performance Science
Authors Papiotis, P. , Marchini M. , & Maestre E.
Conference Start Date 28/08/2013
Publisher European Association of Conservatoires (AEC), Brussels, Belgium. ISBN 9782960137804.
Conference Location Vienna, Austria
Abstract In a musical ensemble such as a string quartet, the performers can influence each other’s actions in several aspects of the performance simultaneously. Based on a set of recorded string quartet exercises, we carry out a quantitative analysis of ensemble interdependence in four distinct dimensions of the performance (dynamics, intonation, tempo and timbre). We investigate the fluctuations of interdependence across these four dimensions, and in relation to the exercise that is being performed. Our findings suggest that although certain differences can be observed between the four dimensions, the most influential factor on ensemble interdependence is the musical task, shaped by the underlying score.