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Characterization of Rhythm of Folk Music in the Mediterranean

Title Characterization of Rhythm of Folk Music in the Mediterranean
Publication Type Master Thesis
Year of Publication 2012
Authors Togias, S.
Abstract This study focuses on the automatic description of certain rhythms, commonly found in various countries of the Mediterranean Sea. The countries that are considered in this dataset are Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Macedonia. The studied rhythms are of a particular category called “Aksak” rhythms. The main focus of this thesis is to provide a versatile rhythmic framework suitable for description of said rhythms. The rhythm modeling is based on three main concepts. Bass as anchor points, clustering of anchor points and quantitative rhythm theory. Based on this model a clustering and metrical analysis is applied in an iterative manner. Those steps lead to the final process of rhythm description. A partial rhythm dataset is offered online via Creative Commons License in Freesound.