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Rāga Recognition based on Pitch Distribution Methods

Title Rāga Recognition based on Pitch Distribution Methods
Publication Type Journal Article
Year of Publication 2012
Authors Koduri, G. K. , Gulati S. , Rao P. , & Serra X.
Journal Title Journal of New Music Research
Volume 41
Pages 337-350
Abstract Rāga forms the melodic framework for most of the music of the Indian subcontinent. Thus automatic rāga recognition is a fundamental step in the computational modelling of the Indian art-music traditions. In this work, we investigate the properties of rāga and the natural processes by which people identify it. We bring together and discuss the previous computational approaches to rāga recognition correlating them with human techniques, in both Karāaka (south Indian) and Hindustānī (north Indian) music traditions. The approaches which are based on first-order pitch distributions are further evaluated on a large comprehensive dataset to understand their merits and limitations. We outline the possible short and mid-term future directions in this line of work.
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