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Transmitting Audio Content as Sound Objects

Title Transmitting Audio Content as Sound Objects
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2002
Authors Amatriain, X. , & Herrera P.
Abstract As audio and music applications tend to a higher level of abstraction and to fill in the gap between the signal processing world and the end-user we are more and more interested on processing content and not (only) signal. This change in point of view leads to the redefinition of several "classical" concepts, and a new conceptual framework needs to be set to give support to these new trends. In [ Amatriain and Herrera 2001 ], a model for the transmission of audio content was introduced. The model is now extended to include the idea of Sound Objects. With these thoughts in mind, examples of design decisions that have led to the implementation of the CLAM framework are also given.
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