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An Approach for Linking Score and Audio Recordings in Makam Music of Turkey

Title An Approach for Linking Score and Audio Recordings in Makam Music of Turkey
Publication Type Conference Paper
Year of Publication 2012
Conference Name 2nd CompMusic Workshop
Authors Şentürk, S. , Holzapfel A. , & Serra X.
Conference Start Date 12/07/2012
Conference Location Istanbul, Turkey
ISBN Number 978-84-695-4958-2
Abstract A music piece can be studied by using various information sources, especially symbolic scores and audio recordings. Since they are complementary representations, it is very useful to have a proper linking of the musically meaningful events in the piece. For the case of makam music in Turkey, linking symbolic notations and the corresponding audio recordings might require a specific approach due to the characteristics of the music such as different tunings and extensive usage of non-notated expressive elements. Moreover, for most of the pieces of the classical repertoire, there are different versions of scores rather than a single one written by the composer. This paper proposes a methodology to pair fragments of a score to the corresponding fragments of audio recording performances. Pitch information obtained from both sources is used as the common representation to be paired. From the audio recording, fundamental frequency estimation and tuning analysis is done to compute a pitch contour. From the score, symbolic note names and durations are converted to a synthetic pitch contour. Then, a soft-match is performed on these two pitch contours in order to find the best correspondences of these two representations. This methodology may give us a needed tool for computational tasks such as form analysis, audio-score alignment and makam recognition.
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