Analysis of the Folksonomy of Freesound

TitleAnalysis of the Folksonomy of Freesound
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
Conference Name2nd CompMusic Workshop
AuthorsFont, F., & Serra X.
Conference Start Date12/07/2012
Conference LocationIstanbul, Turkey
ISBN Number978-84-695-4958-2
AbstractUser generated content shared in online communities is often described using collaborative tagging systems where users assign labels to content resources. As a result, a folksonomy emerges that relates a number of tags with the resources they label and the users that have used them. In this paper we analyze the folksonomy of Freesound, an online audio clip sharing site which contains more than two million users and 150,000 user-contributed sound samples covering a wide variety of sounds. By following methodologies taken from similar studies, we compute some metrics that characterize the folksonomy both at the global level and at the tag level. In this manner, we are able to better understand the behavior of the folksonomy as a whole, and also obtain some indicators that can be used as metadata for describing tags themselves. We expect that such a methodology for characterizing folksonomies can be useful to support processes such as tag recommendation or automatic annotation of online resources.
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