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Exploring 3D Audio as a New Musical Language

Title Exploring 3D Audio as a New Musical Language
Publication Type Master Thesis
Year of Publication 2011
Authors Schmele, T.
preprint/postprint document
Abstract This thesis explores the artistic potential to make use of three dimensional, physical space as a new musical language. It does so in three ways: It fi rst investigates the greater history of spatialization and traces its epitaxy as an emancipated musical parameter up to recent developments since the new millennium. The second part then brings these historic ideas together into a contemporary context, in the e ort to further establish space a prime vessel able to carry a musical message of expression. Several approaches to spatial composition are elaborated, keeping previously mentioned psychoacoustic limitations in mind. Finally, in the practical part of the thesis, two diff erent three-dimensional spatial sound synthesis methods are presented, followed by a qualitative evaluation of their use. Based on the insights { and especially the complications encountered relating to the success of this approach, the thesis concludes by arguing the necessary conditions under which space as a musical parameter might hopefully be established.