Evaluation of Auditory Interface Metaphors

TitleEvaluation of Auditory Interface Metaphors
Publication TypeMaster Thesis
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsKaltenbrunner, M.
preprint/postprint documentfiles/publications/Phd-2002-Martin-Kaltenbrunner.pdf
AbstractThis document presents an overview on my publications, which have been published so far during the last years. The main focus of my past research work has been around the topic of Human-Computer Interaction, especially concentrating on the particular role of sound. Additional research areas, which have been touched by this work, are Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Virtual Environments and Information Retrieval - as well mostly concentrating on the role of audio therein. The document additionally provides a rough introduction into the field of auditory user interfaces in order to allow the reader to position the commented publications within that context. I will also present some questions and concepts for my near future work leading towards my PhD dissertation.