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Database-Driven Systems and Applications for Music Information Management

Title Database-Driven Systems and Applications for Music Information Management
Publication Type Master Thesis
Year of Publication 2003
Authors Wüst, O.
preprint/postprint document files/publications/DEA-2003-OttoWust.pdf
Abstract Many scientific and technical developments in recent years have lead to a situation where moderately large collections of multimedia data, in particular of musical data, are available to computer users, who start to demand new applications that can go beyond the traditional file system based data management. This work analyzes the problems and scientific contributions in the field of music information retrieval, specifically focusing on database related issues and applications, to establish the state of the art. Furthermore, and due to the character of research retrospective, this work reviews some of the author's work in the area of music and database applications, including the implementation of an MPEG-7 database layer, a crawler system which gathers musical information of web pages that is then used to construct a cultural similarity measure, and a database driven architecture for collaborative collective composition on the web. Finally, conclusions are drawn and some research problems that constitute the author's interest for future work are exposed.