Harmonic Audio Object Processing in Time Domain

TitleHarmonic Audio Object Processing in Time Domain
Publication TypeMaster Thesis
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsStamatopoulos, C.
preprint/postprint documentstatic/media/Stamat-Chris-Master-Thesis-2009.pdf
AbstractTransformation of polyphonic audio in terms of pitch shifting and time stretching is often desirable and sometimes necessary in order to correct a mistake in the performance of the musician or in order to experiment with di fferent chords or durations, that can be produced by transforming accordingly the given audio piece. Transparency in such transformations should be a key feature that would o er persuading results. In this Thesis we implement a framework that carries out such processes by embedding di fferent modules and techniques such as filter-banks, pitch shifting algorithms, and harmonic gain compensation blocks. We apply transformations between di fferent chords on several instruments of di fferent characteristics , and we measure the quality of the transformed sound. Furthermore we mention some inherent vulnerabilities of the system and we propose ways to overcome them.